Welcome to the Tampa Bay Occulture Club. We are a bi-weekly esoteric social club and discussion group hosted in the Tampa Bay area.


The Tampa Bay Occulture club was founded to address the need for non-denominational representation of Tampa Bay’s occult and magical community.

We strive to provide the environment for seekers of all backgrounds to network and learn, as well to explore the intersection of otherwise disparate schools of thought.

We pride ourselves on being a space that is inclusive of marginalized voices and seeks to foster greater understanding in a world that so often pretends to have forgotten its soul.



The quickest way to get in contact with the club is by contacting either Sashabelle or Irick via Discord. While the club does maintain a phone line, it is infrequently checked.


Discord: Irick#0001  Telegram: @IraIrick   Mastodon: @Irick@vulpine.club


Discord: Sashabelle#8621   Telegram: @Sashabelle

Club Phone (SMS & Voice): (813) 489-6756

You are additionally free to show up at one of the public meet-ups!