Magical Musing: Failure, A Magickal Perspective

Is it possible for a Magician to fail?

A Magician is a student of perspective. We make a study of different mindscapes, worldviews, and archetypes. In doing so, much of the source of our power is in how we can frame our situations. This arcane sensibility is possibly more important to the Magician than the immediate outcomes of our decisions.

In our mundane lives, we are faced with failure all the time. Usually, we refine our approach, soothe our wounds, and carry on. Sometimes we reverse or change our course entirely. And we learn.

As Magicians, our awareness illuminates that we are part of something greater. In this domain, it is possible to see any failings on our part as simply part of the current expression of everything. Our successes and failures exist within a larger web of events and probabilities.

Taken within context, we failed because we needed to, because it was necessary. It happened, along with everything else. As an extension of all manifestation, contiguous of and congruent with, Infinity.

Lacking foward progression in the goals of our current linear mortal organism means to remain in place, to feel stuck or even pushed backward. But sometimes, even we have other places we might rather be, the current work isn’t done. The Wheel isn’t ready to turn. And so we remain.

All the things that hold us back from success are each in their own a part of the All. We can despise them, or choose a different way. Therefore, our unintended wisdom is this: fear of failure, and failure itself, are not our enemies. They counsel caution, and to broaden our conscious understanding of ourselves within the Great Now. They are a reminder to us, to use our Magician’s tools. With every breath, with every step forward, in every ringing immediate moment, as everything changes into everything else.

As Magicians, there is power in our failures – the freedom to see ourselves, and our world, with greater clarity and grace; to challenge us to grow in our knowledge and forsake our old assumptions. To know our risks before us as obstacles to be overcome, problems to be solved, and experiences to be gained. There is divinity of power in everything, so too in our failures.

So it is merely a matter of perspective to say when we have done a particular thing, we were doing “failure”. An overly simplistic one, at that. To a Magician, there can be awe and amazement to do anything at all, because to do is to manifest creation. To share, in no matter how small or mundane a part, with Magos. ⬟

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