at a Standstill

-the Pandemic has taken such a great toll on me and the world at large

it feels as if everyone and everything were frozen in time almost- thankfully that’s not true, we’re all still here and you can find us in the usual places even after all that period of radio silence

⬠ ⬟ ⬠

and the beat goes on

-sorry for the Radio Silence as of late, living through a Pandemic makes it hard to do or say much of anything sometimes

Sadly, the Club is still refraining from having our physical meetups since COVID is still at large, but we’re still available to chat online from time to time- so please make use of either Discord or Telegram to reach out

It is important to keep a safe physical distance from others, but that’s not true in other areas, we need to talk to friends now more than ever.

I wish y’all all the best, now and in the future,


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