What to do if you get “stuck” during a Tarot Card Reading:

Beforehand, remember to always make Empowering Queries or Requests of the Cards that give the Querent the focus and direct power to influence their situations with each Reading done; that way, they can better take action and be more in control of what happens in their lives.

Still, sometimes, despite one’s best efforts, the Cards’ Messages don’t make any sense at all.

If this happens to you, there are some things you can do:  

– slow down and take some deep breaths
this will help you to be calmer and think more clearly

– touch the Cards one-by-one
interacting with them physically can help to ground you and better absorb what is being said via touch

– add more physical light to the area where the Cards are laid out
seeing clearly/clairvoyance sometimes starts with better lit physical conditions so don’t neglect this just for the sake of ambiance, you need to be able to perceive what you are doing to be able to interpret things

– repeat the Query/Card Request aloud
this way you can have greater recall and focus of what you are seeking to know in the first place, and that can help get the thoughts and words to come out better

Also, review your expectations and try not to let your assumptions overshadow what is being said- especially if you don’t want to take in the message, in that case it’s best to listen even more closely to it!

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